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        內容摘要:2018 年秋學期期末學業質量測試 初二年級英語試卷 (考試用時: 120 分鐘 滿分: 150 分) 請注意: 1. 本卷分選擇題和非選擇題兩個部分。 2. 所有試題的答案均填寫在答題卡上,答案寫......




        (考試用時:120分鐘  滿分:150分)



        第一部分 選擇題(85分)

        一、聽力 (共20小題,每小題1分,計20分)

        第一部分  本部分共有10道小題,每小題你將聽到一段對話,請根據所聽到的內容選擇你認為最合適的備選答案,每段對話聽兩遍。(計10分)

        5. How does the boy go to school every day?

               A. By car.                                 B. By bus.                          C. By bike.

        6. What is John’s telephone number?

        A. 85067789.                      B. 85066789.                    C. 85066798.

        7. Where are the two speakers?

        A. In a shop.                               B. At the bus stop.           C. In the police station.

        8. Who runs the fastest?

        A. Lucy.                                   B. Tom.                            C. Kate.

        9. What will David buy for Lisa’s birthday?

        A. A birthday card.                   B. A book.                           C. A birthday cake.

        10. What does the woman mean?

        A. She doesn’t have enough pens.

        B. She has enough pens for both of them.

        C. She herself has no more pens.

        第二部分 聽對話和短文回答問題  你將聽到一段對話和兩篇短文,各聽兩遍。(計10分)


        11. Why was Jim late for school?

        A. Because he got up late.    

               B. Because there was something wrong with his bike.

        C. Because there was lots of traffic on the road.

        12. What did Ms Liz want him to do?

               A. To go to her office after class.  B. To finish his homework.   C. To get up early.


        My cat




        3 years old


        It has short, grey fur and white paws.

        Its eyes are     13    .

        It weighs about two kilograms.

        Favourite food


        Sleeping habit

        It sleeps     15    .

        13. A. black                                       B. green                           C. blue

        14. A. Fish                                        B. Meat                            C. Cold milk

        15. A. in the basket                             B. under the tree                  C. in the garden


        16. How old is Peter?

        A. 16 years old.                        B. 13 years old.              C. 30 years old.

        17. What is he interested in doing?

        A. Making more money.             B. Finding a good job.      C. Reading books.

        18. Why did he want to look for a job?

        A. Because he wanted to buy some books.           

        B. Because he wanted to make a lot of money.

        C. Because he didn’t want to go to school.

        19. What is Peter’s first job?

        A. To buy newspapers.                  B. To send newspapers.      C. To sell newspapers.

        20. Which of the following is true?     

        A. Peter’s family is rich.

        B. Peter can get only 5 dollars an hour now.                  

         C. Peter can get only 3 dollars an hour now.

        二、單項選擇  (共20小題,每小題1分,計20分)

        21.Wang Junkai, _______ active boy, is one of ______­­__ most popular teenage singers in China.

        A. an; a                        B. a; an                        C. an; the                          D. an; /

        22. Swimming is _____________­­­____cycling. I want to have fun and I want to be safe as well,so I like cycling better.

        A. as interesting as                                             B. more dangerous than

        C. less interesting than                                        D. not as dangerous as  

        23. What’s wrong with her? She feels ______________. I don’t know ____________________.

           A. comfortably; how to do                           B. uncomfortably; to do what      

          C. uncomfortable; what to do                       D. uncomfortable; what can I do

        24..— How many students are there in your school?

           ________   students in our school____________ more than two thousand.

        A. The number of ;is                                          B. A number of ;is

        C. The number of ;are                                 D. The number of ;are

        25. Don’t _______________ the pictures on the blackboard!

           A. put on          B. put out               C. put up                D. put in

        26. What were you and your cousin doing at that time yesterday?

           He was reading magazines __________ I was doing the history project with my friends .

           A. while                 B. as                     C. when                 D. if

        27. When I met Daniel at the station ________ the first time, he was in the waiting hall _______.

           A. for; alone      B. at; alone          C. for; along           D. at; by himself

        28. We can’t see each other clearly often because there is a lot of ____________.

        A. foggy          B. windy              C. wind              D. fog

        29. Would you please ___________ the window before leaving the classroom?

            A. close              B. to close               C. closing                 D. closed

        30. The boy asked Mr. Black for ______________ advice on his further English studies.

            A. a                   B. an                     C. some                D. any

        31.The temperature will _________________ below zero tonight. It will be colder.

           A. stay             B. rise                  C. drop               D. raise

        32. — You won’t stay out too late today, will you?

        — ____________________. I’m too tired and I’ll go to bed early.

        A. Yes, I won’t.          B. No, I won’t            C. No, I will            D. Yes, I do

        33. — Did you see a girl in red pass by just now?     

        —-No ,sir. I ______________________ a newspaper.

        A. read                     B. am reading                   C. would read           D. was reading

        34. — Tom, how about your trip to Wujindang Park?

        — Not very good. Because our car          on the way.

        A. write down                B. turned down         C. broke down         D. calmed down

        35. You should study hard. No one can     ___     a good future    _____     you.

        A. provide, with         B. provide, for            C. prevent, from            D. offer, for

        36. During the after-school activities, some students are playing happily in the playground while

        the rest    _____     doing their homework in the classroom.

           A. is                              B. are                            C. was                    D. were

        37. I felt a bit    ____      last night and then I fell    ______      quickly.

        A. sleepy; asleep          B. asleep; asleep           C. sleepy; sleepy       D. asleep; sleepy

        38. — Mr. Zhang, the team from Nanjing is very strong. I’m afraid we may lose the match.

        — Don’t worry. Believe                , boys, you are the best!

             A. ourselves               B. themselves         C. yourself             D. yourselves 

        39.The mother was worried   _______   the baby kept  ______________   .

        A. because; crying                                          B. because of; to cry 

        C. because of; crying                                      D. because; cried

        40. — Excuse me, but can I take the seat?

          ______________ , young man. It’s for the elderly only.

        A. You’d better not                                           B. You’d better don’t  

        C. Why not                                                      D. Never mind


        Today I had to give a report in my   41   , and I had been afraid to do so for a long time. Mom came out of the kitchen, asking , “Are you   42  , my dear?” “ Yes.” I answered quietly.   43   in fact I wasn’t ready! On my way   44   school, I could feel my heart beating. I hated this! I went into Mrs. Owens’ class. She was smiling, and saying   45   to all her students as she did every morning.

        “ Hi, Sam,” she said to me as I walked   46   the classroom. “ Hi,” I said and quickly sat in my __47  . I looked at the clock. The time was near. Mrs. Owens started, “ Sam, it’s time for you to show yourself.” “Show   48  ? Oh, no!” I got up slowly, looking at the ground as I  49  to the front. Then I looked up, everyone was looking at me. Mrs. Owens knew I was   50  , so she came beside me, and put her hand on my back.

        She said to the class, “Sam has worked very hard on his   51  ,and I know it is a very interesting report.” Then she turned to me and asked, “Sam,   52   did you like best about your report on Sydney?”

        I    53  about the fun things I have read about Sydney before, and I started to talk. I talked and talked   54   the class was over, and I was not nervous at all. It was great fun. Everyone cheered when I finished my talking and Mrs. Owens was   55  .

        In fact, I can do better than I think I can — if I try! I am proud of myself.

        41. A. class                    B. house                    C. party                   D. hometown

        42. A. late                      B. ready                             C. happy                 D. excited

        43. A. Then                   B. But                     C. So                    D. Or

        44. A. on                     B. from                   C. to                          D . in

        45. A. sorry                   B. hello                C. goodbye               D. thanks

        46. A. into                      B. out of                 C. away from             D. far from

        47. A. bed                       B. seat                       C. diary                      D. reading room

        48. A. me                          B. us                       C. myself                 D. ourselves

        49. A. flew                         B. rode                              C. rushed                   D. walked

        50. A. glad                       B. nervous                 C. active                    D. happy

        51. A. dictionary                 B. magazine                       C. newspaper                   D. report

        52. A. what                       B. who                           C. where                   D. whom

        53. A. learned                     B. talked                     C. thought                 D. wrote

        54. A. until                       B. when                 C. before                 D. after

        55. A. playing                    B. dancing                C. singing                 D. smiling

        四、閱讀理解 (共15小題,每小題2分,計30分)


        TOKYO ONE

        Lunch Hours:

        Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm

        Sat & Sun 11:30am-3:00pm

        Dinner Hours:

        Sun-Thurs 5:30pm-9:30pm

        Fri & Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm

        Additional location:

        2938W. Sam Houston Pkwy. 713-765-8899




        7465.W.Green Road.77064.281-955-8888

        56. Tokyo One is the name of a _________________.

           A. hotel             B. restaurant              C. food supermarket           D. museum

        57. Tokyo One is in _____________________.

           A. Tokyo.           B. Sydney                 C. Houston                   D. London

        58. We can go to Tokyo One for lunch at ____________________.

           A. 10:30am on Monday                         B. 3:00pm on Friday

           C. 11:00am on Saturday                         D. 2:30pm on Sunday

        59. We can have dinner in Tokyo One at 9:40pm ____________________.

           A. on Saturday    B. on Tuesday             C. on Wednesday               D. on Thursday

        60. Tokyo One offers us the following information except ____________________.

           A. location          B. telephone number          C. website                        D. food price


        Henry is a boy of nine. Three years ago he began to go to school. He studied hard and does well in his lessons. His parents like him very much.

        Henry’s grandpa is a single (單身的)man. But once he lost a leg in a traffic accident. And now he can’t work. He often tells the boy all kinds of interesting stories. Sometimes he makes a kite or a cage. And he teaches the boy how to catch the singing birds and how to give them food. The boy admires(欽佩) him very much and always stays with him when he’s free. But Henry’s mother didn’t like the old man. She always thought him useless and dirty, and didn’t let her son play with him but the boy didn’t listen to her. When they sat at table, she put some food on another table and filled a broken bowl with rice and porridge. The old man was very sad but he dared(敢)not say anything. Henry was angry with his mother about it. One day he saw a broken bowl on his way home. He picked it up and put it into his bag. His mother found it and asked, “ Why have you brought a broken bowl home, dear?” “ I keep it for you.” said Henry, “When you’re old like my grandpa, I’ll fill it with rice for you !” Having heard this, the woman began to cry. Since then she’s been good to the old man.

        61. His parents like Henry because _______­­­­­­­­______________.

        A. he’s good to his grandpa                                B. he’s a polite boy

        C. he does well in his lessons                             D. he’s learned to catch singing birds

        62. Henry admires his grandpa because _______­­­­­­­­______________.

        A. he can make kites and cages

        B. he’s an old man with many abilities

        C. he tells him a lot of interesting stories

        D. he knows how to catch singing birds and give them food

        63. _______­­­­­­­­______________, so she didn’t let her son play with him.

        A. The old man often taught Henry to do something interesting

        B. The woman hadn’t enough food to give the old man

        C. The woman thought the old man useless and dirty

        D. The old man lost a leg in the traffic accident

        64. Henry brought_______­­­­­­­­______________ home to frighten his mother.

           A. his bag      B. rice and porridge        C. a broken bowl       D. a broken plate

        65. The woman was afraid _______­­­­­­­­______________, so she’s good to the old man.

        A. her husband wouldn’t love her

        B. the police would know about it

        C. the old man wouldn’t leave her any money

        D. her son would be bad to her when she was old


        Nowadays, computers and the Internet are playing an important part in our life. Some people even say that they can’t live without them. We usually need to set passwords (密碼) when we use the computers. But not all the passwords are safe. We should learn how to make safe passwords.

        How can you make your passwords safe? Experts have some tips for you. You’d better remember the tips because they are useful. Here are some tips.  

        First, make your password out of capital letters. It will be difficult for others to get into your account (賬戶). It only takes a hacker (黑客) 10 minutes to work out a six-letter password made of small letters. But the same password in capital letters takes 10 hours to work out.

        Second, add numbers or symbols (符號) to your password. It may be much safer. Sometimes such passwords are not easy to remember, but they are really safe.

        Third, never use personal information for passwords and use different passwords for different accounts. Experts say that a user should change his passwords about every 90 days. In that way, hackers won’t guess your passwords.

        66. The underlined word “them” refers to “______­­­­­­­­_____________”.

        A. the passwords                                                B. computers and the Internet

        C. the capital letters                                   D. the accounts

        67. If you set your password with six capital letters, a hacker may spend ____­­­­­­___ working it out.

        A. 10 minutes                 B. 10 hours                   C. one day                    D. a week

        68. You should change your passwords about ______­­­­­­­­_____________. 

        A. every 10 days                                                B. every month     

        C. every two months                                                 D. every three months

        69. According to the passage, which of the following is not a safe password?

        A. 891106.                            B. Liz287.                    C. LUCKY3.                D. 432ac%.  

        70. What’s the best title for the passage?  

        A. Computers and the Internet                             B. Setting personal accounts  

        C. Using capital letters                                        D. Making your passwords safe

        第二部分 非選擇題(65分)

        五、閱讀表達 閱讀下面短文,并根據短文后的要求答題。(計10分)

        Yoga (瑜伽) is a kind of sport. It is very popular around the world now. Everyone, young and old can do yoga. It’s good for both men and women.

           Why do people like yoga? Because it is good for our health. Some people think that yoga makes them feel better. Others says that practicing, breathing exercises and thinking make them healthier in body, mind and spirit. For many people, that's enough of an answer, but there's more if you are interested.

        Yoga began in India about 5,000 years ago. At that time, people wanted to be free, healthy and live a long life, so this kind of exercise was born. The early yoga was part of a religion (宗教). It was usually taught one to one—one teacher with one student. Yoga is an Indian word that means “to join together”. There are three parts of yoga altogether: exercise, breathing and meditation (沉思). In the past, people paid more attention to the spirit. The idea behind the exercise was to join the mind, body and spirit as one. Yoga can give you peace, help you feel relaxed, and have fewer worries and illnesses.  


        71. What is yoga? __________________________________________________

        72. When did Yoga begin?____________________________________________

        73. Why do people like yoga?_________________________________________

        74. What does yoga mean?_____________________________________________

        75. What parts does Yoga have?________________________________________

        六、任務型閱讀 在文章后表格中的空格里填入一個最恰當的單詞。(計10分)

        How to beat sadness

        We all have days when we are down, tired and unhappy. That’s OK. You need days like this, or how would you know you are happy? You’ll enjoy your good days even more when you have a few bad days. Even if sadness is a part of life, let’s try to make it small. Here are a few simple ways to help you feel better when you are feeling sad.

        1. Stand up straight and this helps your energy flow(流動). When your energy is flowing freely, you can flow too.

        2. Smile! It’s easy to do and have good results. This way can not only leave you in a good mood but also bring others a good mood.

        3. Listen to music. It can be your favourite music. Some kinds of music work better than others, so try and find out what kind of music works the best for you.

        4. Take some “me” time. You can find pleasure in reading a book, watching a sunrise or having a hot bath, or something like that.

        5. Exercise. Even something as simple as taking a walk will get your blood flowing. It is a great way to clear your mind of anything that makes you sad.

        These ways will cheer you up when you are down, but don’t just use them when you are sad. Try and practice them every day to make them a habit. You will be surprised to learn that these simple ways will keep your sadness away. But if you are in a deep depression(沮喪), go to see a doctor.

        Title : How to beat 76           


        ● It is OK to feel down, 77.           and unhappy.

        ● It is possible to make sadness a small 78.          of life.


        to cheer you up

        ● Stand up straight so that your 80.          can flow freely.

        ● 81.         at others because it can bring you and others a good mood.

        ● Listen to your 82.          music because it works the best.

        ● 83.          pleasure in everyday life, such as watching a sunrise.

        ● 84.           a walk and you can clear your mind of sad things.


        ● Try to make these simple ways a habit.

        ● Go to see a 85.           when you are in a deep depression.



        86.Moreover, it’s dangerous to walk on ________________ (鐵路) .

        87.Spring is a ________________ (完美的) time to fly kites.

        88.The beating of the rain broke the ________________ (寂靜的) night.

        89.He caught a bad cold and ________________ (咳嗽) a lot all night.

        90. Tik Tok(抖音) is vey interesting, can you_________________(描述)it for me?

        91. Ladies and gentlemen, first Ill ________________ (介紹) myself to all of you. 

        92. Look, the farmers ________________(收割) crops there, we should help them.

        93. People ran in all __________ (方向) and shouted in fear when the earthquake happened..


        94. I heard the boy _____________ (call) for help when I walked past his room.

        95. My mother is in her ________________(forty). She always looks after me well.

        96. The bags are those ________________ (tour). We should give them back.

        97. We’d better________________ (stay) home. Look! How heavily it is snowing outside!

        98. My mother always cooks ________________ (taste) meals on Sunday.

        99. We should do everything we can ________________ (help) others in need.

        100. He was ________________ (terrible) ill, so he couldn’t go to school yesterday.

        八、短文填空 根據內容及首字母提示,補全單詞,使短文完整、通順。(10分)

        The Antarctica (南極洲) is the most southern area on the earth and is mostly c  101  with ice. People have never wanted to live there because of its coldest t  102  . But now scientists from all over the w   103   come here to learn more about the earth’s history.

        Some scientists live there for part of the y   104   . But they don’t usually stay there for

        m  105   than six months because there are six months of light and six months of darkness.

        Antarctica usually has lots of fine w   106  . Most parts doesn’t have any wind at all. Also it isn’t very wet because there is very l   107  snow or rain. It only snows on the ice in winter, but at other times Antarctica is d   108   , just like the Sahara Desert(沙漠).

        In winter the sea around Antarctica freezes (結冰) for t   109   of kilometers. But scientists tell us that the earth is getting w   110  ., there may be less ice in the Antarctic sea in the future. When that happens, our weather will never be the same again.


        假設你是張磊,是興化陽光中學的一名八年級學生。上周日你從報紙上看到地球俱樂部(the Earth Club)的招聘廣告。請根據表格內信息寫一封申請信,提出對地球目前的現狀、原因以及采取的措施等方面的看法,希望能加入該俱樂部,為保護地球盡一份力。















        政府 …… ,我們…….




        要求: 1. 短文應包括表格中的全部信息,條理清楚。

        2. 短文中不能出現真實的姓名、學校名和地名。

        3.詞數 100 左右,開頭結尾已給出,不計入總詞數。

        Dear sir,

             I read your advertisement in the newspaper last Sunday. ____________________­________





        Yours sincerely,

        Zhang Lei